Presented here is a variety of research covering a range of diverse topics, relating to issues of tourism, recreation, and economic development. Typically written as brief reports, they are posted here to be read by the general public, practitioners, and those in public service (i.e., municipal offices). Some are Grey-Bruce specific.

Some of these open as PDFs with limited content. If you want to view the entire document, please contact me stating your name, email, and state the intended use of the article (i.e. research, general interest, reference for article, etc.).

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By the Numbers: Owen Sound: Its Touristic Appeal – An Update

By the Numbers: OHL:Points, Penalties, and Predictions (full article)

By the Numbers: Recruiting seniors as economic development: what is the impact? (full article)

By the Numbers: Doctors and shortages in Grey and Bruce Counties

By the Numbers: An education profile of Grey and Bruce Counties

By the Numbers: A geo-touristic analysis of a small city’s downtown core business appeal: a case study of Owen Sound

By the Numbers: An exploration of Zipf’s Law: does it apply to Canada and Ontario?

By the Numbers: A strategy of recruiting retired seniors: What is the potential economic impact?

By the Numbers/Media Release: Recruiting seniors as an economic development strategy: Good or bad?

By the Numbers: Climate Change and the Future of Golf in Grey and Bruce

By the Numbers: Tourism – How Are We Doing?

By the Numbers: A frog in the pot: Climate change, tourism, and small business

By the Numbers: Doctors, Health Care, and Social Services – How Are We Doing?

By the Numbers: Climate Change and the Future of Snowmobiling (this is the full article)

By The Numbers: Do OHL rookies have an effect on year-end statistics? (and birth
months and fights)

Dave’s MA Thesis (Abstract and TOC) –  A multi-year spatial analysis of domestic tourism, Ontario Canada